The IdeaMaker Challege

Final pitches to be held April 9th, 5:30 IST Cybertorium.

Come hear the amazing ideas.


Are you an IdeaMaker?

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The digital age has made the world smaller, faster, more interactive and increasingly mobile. But no matter how fast and smart machines become, we still rely on the power of human creativity. It’s people who create new ways to look at and evaluate the infinite opportunities of the digital age and advance our society as a whole. We call these innovative individuals “IdeaMakers.”

IdeaMakers tackle big problems, imagine new solutions, and create businesses that make a difference. They are “thinkers” AND “doers” who take on challenges, eliminate barriers, and make things happen.


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The IST IdeaMaker Challenge is designed to facilitate cross-College collaboration among the amazing IdeaMakers here at Penn State. The IST IdeaMaker Challenge is open to all undergraduate students regardless of major who are currently enrolled in Penn State and are in good standing.

The competition is designed to encourage and facilitate the building of cross-College teams that work together to tackle a “big” problem that leverages information technology as part of the solution.

IdeaMaker teams will work with mentors who have entrepreneurial background and expertise to develop and advance their ideas. During Startup Week, select teams will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas and proposed solutions to a panel of judges. The top two teams will be recognized and prizes will be awarded.


IdeaMaker Challenge Categories

This year’s challenge categories include:

The Mobile Enterprise

mobile-enterprise_iconAs organizations face growing competition in today’s connected marketplace, they are looking for effective ways to increase productivity, connect workers to critical data regardless of their location, enable faster decision-making, and facilitate real-time collaboration across the enterprise.

Mobile enterprise applications allow companies to achieve many of these objectives and include, but are not limited to applications that facilitate messaging, project management, customer relationship management, collaboration, and social networking.

Green Technology

green-techAs the world becomes more concerned and aware of the need to protect the environment and conserve natural resources, organizations and governments are looking to develop technologies that are environmentally friendly reducing the harmful impacts of many technologies currently in use today.

Green technology is technology that is intended to mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment. It includes, but is not limited to, new technologies that do not damage or deplete our planet’s natural resources, electronic devices that help us monitor environmental impacts, and the creation and production of alternative energy sources.

Social Entrepreneurship

social-challenge_iconSocial entrepreneurs focus on creating and sustaining social value as a key component of their business model. They identify social problems and act as change agents by inventing new approaches to difficult problems, inventing new technologies, adapting existing approaches or technologies in new ways.

Their businesses focus on driving positive change while creating a sustainable model that allows them to have a long-term and lasting impact. These entrepreneurs drive change in education, healthcare, human rights, homelessness, sanitation, inequality, and poverty.